UK Public sector staff to lose auto pay rise

The British chancellor announced today that annual incremental pay increases in the British civil service would be axed in 2015 and a fresh push to remove automatic pay rises for time served in NHS, prisons and police. The armed forces will be excluded from the changes.

He told MPs: “Progression pay can at best be described as antiquated; at worst, it’s deeply unfair to other parts of the public sector who don’t get it and to the private sector who have to pay for it.”

Mr Osborne also announced a cap on the total amount the government spends on welfare each year, including housing benefit, disability benefit, tax credits and pensioner benefits – but excluding the state pension.

While many public sectors will no doubt be horrified by this the reality is many have very cushy jobs and they do not deserve to have a better deal than private sector staff, especially when the likes of teachers seem to spend most of their time on holiday.