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Friday April 18th 2014

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Half way there – clearing the World of landmines

deminerIt has been reported that significant progress has been made in removing land mines around the world, but the hidden devices killed more than 1,260 people last year, the International Campaign to Ban Land mines said Thursday.

Land mines have been cleared from 3,200 square kilometers (1,236 square miles) in 90 countries — an area twice the size of London — in the last decade, said the group, which won the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize for its work to establish the Mine Ban Treaty. But more needs to be done because a similar amount of land is still mined and dangerous, the group said.

Happy Germans mark fall of Berlin Wall

pic5Happy and joyful Germans on Monday relived the spontaneous breaching of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago, as aging Cold War luminaries returned to the once-divided city to celebrate the peaceful outcome of Eastern Europe’s revolution for freedom.

Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Soviet leader, and Lech Walesa, founder of Poland’s liberty-seeking Solidarity movement – walked across the Bornholmer Street bridge, which was the first checkpoint along the Berlin Wall to throw open its gates Nov. 9, 1989.

“You made this possible,’’ German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the 78-year-old ex-Soviet premier, as tens of thousands of onlookers chanted, “Gorby! Gorby!’’

Merkel added: “You courageously let things happen, and that was much more than we could expect.’’

A cure for peanut allergy in five years?

nuts-peanuts-blanched-nsAn American expert on allergies has announced that there could be a cure for peanuts allergies, a condition that has taken many lives and continues to worries parents the world over.

The issue has become a major health concern worldwide, particularly in developed countries, and affects around 1% of children under the age of five years – research in the U.S. shows that peanut allergy prevalence in young children doubled from 0.4% in 1997 to 0.8% in 2002.

In order to provide a cure Professor Burks says future treatments are all focused around curbing the immune response or inducing the immune system to tolerate a specific food allergen, possibly by introducing engineered peanut proteins as immunotherapy, where the food is ingested in increasingly larger amounts on a regular basis.

Professor Burks who is a food allergy expert, believes in the next five years that there will be some type of immunotherapy available for peanut allergenic individuals.

Fisherman resuces pair from Detroit lake

A veteran of the police force, Anthony Johnson, said he was wrapping up an unsuccessful day of fishing this week when he noticed a man in the lake desperately attempting to keep his disabled friend from submerging.

The veteran policeman Johnson managed to hold onto the disabled man while the other man pulled himself into Johnson’s vessel.

Scott Rozansky, 48, then rested before helping Johnson pull the partially paralyzed man, identified as Thomas Nierzwick, 49, into Johnson’s boat.

The men became trapped alone in the lake after Nierzwick fell into the water and Rozansky attempted to rescue him.

King of Thailand general condition good

The King of Thailand general condition is good after his team of physicians diagnosed a lung infection and fever and administered appropriate medications, according to the latest report from the Royal Household Bureau.

The bureau said that the Thai monarch developed fever Sunday evening and his medical team diagnosed a lung infection after examining his chest and abdomen using computer-assisted X-ray diagnostic technology.

However, His Majesty the King has no cough and his doctors found no inflammation.

The medical team, administered antibiotics and intravenous fluid to the 81-year-old monarch.

The king’s fever had receded since Monday morning and his general condition is good, according to the statement.

China to take lead on Climate Change

The mighty China will unveil measures at a high-powered summit in New York today that could help to unlock global talks on climate change, according to the UN climate chief.

The executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, predicted that China would become a world leader in fighting global warming.

President Hu Jintao of China and President Obama are due to address a gathering of more than a hundred world leaders at UN headquarters in New York today in an effort to agree on cuts in global emissions at a crucial Copenhagen conference in December.

Mr de Boer said that Chinese officials promised to unveil an “impressive suite of actions [that] will take China into a leadership position”.

Rare Bat found in Britain


One of Europe’s rarest bats has been found at a site in Wales further west than ever before recorded.

The Bechstein’s bat is an elusive creature that likes to hide in the undergrowth of ancient woodland.

It lives in a number of countries in western, central and southern Europe, but is rare throughout its range.

Now a researcher from the University of Bristol has identified a solitary male specimen in Pembrokeshire, 100km west of earlier recorded sites.

University of Bristol researcher Matt Zeale found the bat while pursuing another species in woodland owned by The National Trust at Colby in southern Pembrokeshire.

Fair Play to Cadbury as More Countries Go Fairtrade

cadbury-launches-fairtrade-dairy-milk-4551541Cadbury has announced that its Dairy Milk chocolate brand will be sold under the Fairtrade logo in New Zealand and Australia by next Easter.

The move follows British Cadbury’s ensuring that all Dairy Milk in Britain and Ireland is sold under the Fairtrade logo by the end of the 2009 summer, which is now in process.

The move to Fairtrade produce comes at no extra cost to the consumer, and the expansion of this policy to Australia and New Zealand means that about a quarter of Cadbury Dairy Milk global sales will be Fairtrade certified in 2010.

Cadbury’s increasing international commitment to Fairtrade, securing fair minimum prices for developing world producers on a range of products such as coffee and chocolate, transforms Fairtrade chocolate from a niche product to a mainstream staple, making the decisons landmark steps.

More Accurate Weather Reports Forecast

A research breakthrough by engineers at Queen’s University Belfast’s Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT) may lead to more accurate global weather forecasts and a better understanding of climate change.

The engineers have developed a high performance electronic device, a dual polarized Frequency Selective Surface filter, that can be used in future European space missions. The devices, which are just 30mm in diameter and 1/100mm thick, will be installed in instruments being developed for European Space Agency (ESA) meteorological satellites, used to detect thermal emissions in the atmosphere.

By measuring temperature, humidity profiles, and gas composition, these filters compile a range of new data such as ozone depletion and the size of water particles within clouds, which can be used to help forecast weather and pollution more accurately. However with the new technology only scheduled to be fitted into satellites launching between 2018 and 2020, we may well have a few more years of dodgy forecasts to put up with.

‘Dead’ Baby Comes Back To Life

A baby born won 16 weeks premature was declared dead by doctors at a state-run hospital in Asuncion,  capital of Paraguay, only to wake up hours later.

Dr. Ernesto Weber, head of pediatric care, has said that the baby weighed just 500 grams at birth, had practically no respiratory reflexes and staff could not detect a heartbeat, causing them to declare the foetus dead. A death certificate was issued, and the child was placed in temporary cardboard coffin.

When the family took him from the hospital to prepare for a funeral, the impossible became possible. A family member took the baby out and he suddenly began to cry, before starting to move his legs, and arms, terrifying the family who believed him to be dead.The baby is now in an incubator, and is in a stable condition, and the hospital is beginning an investigation.

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