More singles finding love through Internet dating

One in three of us in Western Europe and the USA have now visited internet dating websites such as a new international survey has found. This compares to a mere six percent of us back in 1997 when internet dating was young.

The Oxford University online study involved a questionnaire with 12,000 couples from 18 countries.. They were asked a series of questions about whether they had visited internet dating websites, other online services and where else they might go looking for a partner. The questions related to the period up to 2009.

The largest group looking for online love was surprisingly the over 40s which goes against what many people would have thought. The perception is that it’s a young persons thing to date online.

The most lively online nation appears to be Brazil – more than eight of out ten of those interviewed who had access to the internet said they had met someone online. By contrast, in Japan, a country known for embracing technology in so many ways, internet users were rather reluctant to engage with online dating.