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Saturday February 6th 2016

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Some of the happiest places, nations and states »

There are many reports out there that list the happiest places in the World and we thought we'd list some of the most popular ones. From nations to cities and states, there are certain places in the world that just seem happier. Why is this and what makes a happy place? Well maybe our listings can throw some light on that! happy beach, happy [...]

15Ways to being a happier person »

Good News Stories is all about making you feel positive and we'd like to share some of that good energy with a few ways to be a happier person! Go to the beach! Don't Worry, Choose Happy The first step, however, is to make a conscious choice to boost your happiness. In his book, The Conquest of Happiness, published in 1930, the [...]

British Doctors could be on brink of a cure for »

This news could be the biggest of the good news site for many years. In the UK doctors have maybe made a huge breakthrough in the treatment of paralysis that could give hope to millions around the globe who are confined to wheelchairs. Here is some video news of the [...]

Julie Weiss Completes 52 Marathons! »

Julie Weiss is the Energizer Bunny of marathon runners. For 52 weeks, she kept on going and going and going. On Sunday, she finally stopped. As she crossed the finish line of the Los Angeles Marathon, she reached her goal of running a marathon every week for a year to raise awareness for the disease that killed her [...]

Amputee Hits The Right Note »

Richard Mangino from Massachusetts suffered from a serious bloodstream infection in 2002 and lost his lower arms and legs. This left him unable to do some of his favorite activities such as drawing, playing piano, and tossing the football around with his grandkids. In 2011, Mangino underwent a double hand transplant and the surgery was [...]

11 Ways to Overcome Anger »

Anger is something that virtually all of us have within us and is something best tackled by ourselves and our own actions. Anyway here are 11 ways to calm your anger! 1. Ask: “Am I improving the situation?” This works especially well with the Big Girl. If I get angry with her, she has a complete melt-down. It’s unpleasant, but her [...]

8 Ways to be happier! »

beach time! We all want to be happier don't we? Here at Good News Stories we have uncovered eight ways to be happier :) 1. Buy some happiness. Our basic psychological needs include feeling loved, secure, and good at what we do. You also want to have a sense of control. Money doesn’t automatically fill these requirements, but it sure can [...]

Racing driver showing encouraging signs »

The seven-times Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher is “showing moments of awakening” after three months in a coma in a hospital in Grenoble, his manager revealed today. Previous updates on Schumacher's condition had spoken of the motor racing legend showing signs of responding to stimulus. Today’s statement implies that he has [...]

Secrets of long life revealed! »

We'd all like to live forever but the one thing in life that is a certainty is death! But this is good news stories and we'd like to report on some ways of extending your life as long as possible! So what makes people live so long — nature or nurture? "The average person should be able to live to 90 years old if they exercise, eat well, and [...]

Don’t let a cold get you inflight! »

Are you taking a long haul flight soon and worried about the prospect of catching a cold or worse? We've all been there — you're on a full flight, stuck in the middle seat between a cougher and a sneezer with nowhere to turn. Are you doomed to get sick? Dr. Travis Stork, co-host of "The Doctors," says there may be something you can do. If [...]

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