Avoiding burger and fries good for everyone, and asthmatics

Good news regarding the research into triggers for asthmatics – a link has been found between fatty foods and asthma.

Fast-food burgers and other fatty foods increase lung inflammation in people with asthma and obstruct the effect of their inhalers, researchers are warning.

Rates of asthma — the most common chronic respiratory disease in Canada— have increased dramatically in westernized societies in recent decades.

In Canada, 2.2 million people age 12 and over, and more than 485,000 children ages four to 11 have been diagnosed with asthma, according to the Canadian Lung Association.

The increase in prevalence suggests environmental factors — including diet — may play a role, and “westernized diets are known to be relatively higher in fat than traditional diets,” says Lisa Wood, a research fellow of the University of Newcastle, in Australia.

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