Does Apple Dominate the World of Apps?


Apps and smartphones go hand in hand, and it could be said that each is responsible for the other’s rising success. Apps, or to give them their full name of applications, are an ingenious idea: self-contained computer programmes that give users access to resources making life a whole lot easier. No matter how up-to-date your phone, you are not utilising its full potential unless you have the right apps.

Everybody from taxi firms and television companies, to online casinos and restaurants have discovered the power of apps to provide services and entertainment via mobile ‘phones and tablets. Here we look at five of the most popular apps available at the moment, and the way in which Apple’s iTune app store continues to monopolise the market.

Apple Music Versus Spotify

Unless you prefer old school vinyl or the swiftly disappearing medium of cd, iTunes is the go-to app for music downloads. However, if you prefer to stream your music for free, chances are you are doing so via spotify. Free access to an impressive catalogue of over 30 million songs via a free downloadable app has made Spotify a most popular music streaming accessory for both the mobile and home computer. However, the launch of Apple Music reveals Apple to be a serious contender to Spotifys throne.

This app was launched among much controversy after initially Apple intended to withhold royalties from artists during the music app’s three-month trial period, but this bad idea was soon dropped after much uproar from several artists, most notably Taylor Swift, and its popularity is growing with, especially as it still offers a three-month free trail period and also provides access to a similar number of songs (at least 30 million) to Spotify. With 10 million subscribers and by allowing users to access the entire iTunes library, Apple Music is definitetly the music app to watch.

Most Popular Dating App

Online dating has never been more popular and long gone are the days when people would deny meeting one another via a dating site. It has never been easier to quickly select or reject a potential love interest and with a simple swipe left or right of a screen, mobile users can interact with multiple potential dates on a daily basis. Competition to be the most popular dating app is fierce and developers know that by supplying a free service and by making the app as easy to use as possible, users are more likely to stay signed up to their app.

One element of online dating that remains constant is the need for security, which is perhaps why Tinder, from the Apple app store, is such a popular dating tool. Tinder uses information from Facebook to determine your location and can also show any mutual friends, which can go some way to show that the person you are interacting with actually exists and may be known to someone you already know. Yes, this app has been accused of being shallow due to the fact that users choose whether to interact with someone based on appearance, but this could be why the app is so popular – it is quick, easy to use and to some degree, brutally honest.

Gaming Apps

Online gaming has never been more popular and again, Apple’s iTunes app database is at the forefront, making it easier than ever to access online entertainment and gambling whether you are at home or out and about. As online bingo goes from strength to strength, evolving into a more visually exciting and diverse game, and as betting on sports and casino games becomes increasingly popular, companies such as Coral Interactive LTD are turning to Apple to provide gamers with the apps required to enjoy easily accessible gaming. There is no other company to rival Apple’s reputation and as long as it continues to provide a sterling service, it is evident that both companies and users will be confident using Apple’s app services.


Fitness Apps

Dieting and exercise have always been fashionable, but where fitness videos and slimming clubs once held the market, it is now the turn of the fitness app. Successful weightloss and fitness can be attributed not just to personal will power but to the support and encouragement that a person receives. However, if you just don’t have the time to attend meetings at a church hall or you prefer not to be weighed in front of a room full of people, NexTrack could be the fitness app for you.

This app claims to be a fun tracking tool, using motivation, competition and challenges to help users get fit and lose weight. It is even said to challenge the famous FitBit activity tracker which requires a lot of initial logging of information and is not as user friendly as the NexTrack app. Of course one can download fitness apps from another source, and onto android mobiles, rather than onto an iPhone via iTunes, but Apple has this covered too with a product that is ideal for convenient fitness tracking: the Apple Watch. By allowing users to download apps they already use on mobile devices and by giving developers access the Apple Watch technology, Apple again reveals just how intuitive it is to the marriage between mobile technology and apps.

Social Networking Apps

Over the past two decades, Social networking has exploded like a burst pinata, spraying the internet with a whole host of sites and apps on which people can connect. Never has the world of celebrity been more accessible, with fans being able to tweet their icons directly and popstars sharing intimate photos via Instagram which, would have, once upon a time, been confined to the dusty recesses of their personal family photo albums.

Twitter, especially, has provided endless entertainment in the way of celebrity spats and political indiscretions. No longer do we have to wait for breaking news stories to discover what our political leaders have been up to, as, if there is an embarrassing picture to be seen, chances are it will end up as a meme on facebook. Likewise, the cringe-worthy public arguments between celebrities on twitter: ex partners, Kanye West and Amber Rose being a prime example. Social networking apps may have started as a way to keep in touch with old friends and current acquaintances, but with celebrities so keen to over-share and politicians unable to prevent the speed at which news travels via the internet, social networking is now considered the public’s first port of call for up to the minute news.

Although there are many that attempt to topple Apple from its position as a leading mobile technology company, a real contender is yet to be discovered, and with Apple’s ability to predict user trends, alongside the company’s access to incredible advances in mobile technology, it is doubtful anyone will be successful any time soon.