A cure for peanut allergy in five years?

nuts-peanuts-blanched-nsAn American expert on allergies has announced that there could be a cure for peanuts allergies, a condition that has taken many lives and continues to worries parents the world over.

The issue has become a major health concern worldwide, particularly in developed countries, and affects around 1% of children under the age of five years – research in the U.S. shows that peanut allergy prevalence in young children doubled from 0.4% in 1997 to 0.8% in 2002.

In order to provide a cure Professor Burks says future treatments are all focused around curbing the immune response or inducing the immune system to tolerate a specific food allergen, possibly by introducing engineered peanut proteins as immunotherapy, where the food is ingested in increasingly larger amounts on a regular basis.

Professor Burks who is a food allergy expert, believes in the next five years that there will be some type of immunotherapy available for peanut allergenic individuals.