King of Thailand general condition good

The King of Thailand general condition is good after his team of physicians diagnosed a lung infection and fever and administered appropriate medications, according to the latest report from the Royal Household Bureau.

The bureau said that the Thai monarch developed fever Sunday evening and his medical team diagnosed a lung infection after examining his chest and abdomen using computer-assisted X-ray diagnostic technology.

However, His Majesty the King has no cough and his doctors found no inflammation.

The medical team, administered antibiotics and intravenous fluid to the 81-year-old monarch.

The king’s fever had receded since Monday morning and his general condition is good, according to the statement.

China to take lead on Climate Change

The mighty China will unveil measures at a high-powered summit in New York today that could help to unlock global talks on climate change, according to the UN climate chief.

The executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, predicted that China would become a world leader in fighting global warming.

President Hu Jintao of China and President Obama are due to address a gathering of more than a hundred world leaders at UN headquarters in New York today in an effort to agree on cuts in global emissions at a crucial Copenhagen conference in December.

Mr de Boer said that Chinese officials promised to unveil an “impressive suite of actions [that] will take China into a leadership position”.

Rare Bat found in Britain


One of Europe’s rarest bats has been found at a site in Wales further west than ever before recorded.

The Bechstein’s bat is an elusive creature that likes to hide in the undergrowth of ancient woodland.

It lives in a number of countries in western, central and southern Europe, but is rare throughout its range.

Now a researcher from the University of Bristol has identified a solitary male specimen in Pembrokeshire, 100km west of earlier recorded sites.

University of Bristol researcher Matt Zeale found the bat while pursuing another species in woodland owned by The National Trust at Colby in southern Pembrokeshire.