Social mobility being driven by new Universities

From BBC News…

New universities in England and Scotland are drivers of social mobility, according to research from the Million+ organisation.

The research tracked the social backgrounds of students and their occupations after leaving university.

It found that 8% of entrants in these universities were from professional families – but that three years after graduating 17% had professional jobs.

Million+ chair, Les Ebdon, says it proves the “pessimists wrong”.

Professor Ebdon argued that there was widespread political support for promoting social mobility – but this needed to be matched by funding.

New national park for UK

From BBC News

The South Downs area has been given national park status almost 60 years to the day since it was recommended.

The South Downs, which covers parts of Sussex and Hampshire, was among 12 areas identified for national parks in the 1940s.

Environment Minister Hilary Benn has said the area will become England’s ninth national park.